Lost Bayou Ramblers
in Cafe Noir at Breda
on tuesday 6 november 2007

Photo's Bob de Kreek

Left home at about six, hoping to avoid the rush hour. I have my car cd-player with 250 mp3 ís to get me into the right mood. The cd is filled with American music and 95% of it is traditional cajun music. I never get bored by it and that may be a bit irritating from time to time for those around me, so they say. At about half past seven I walked into Cafe Noir and The Lost Bayou Ramblers were just having a Chinese meal. The sound engineer was still busy getting everything ready, so kicking off at at eight was not going to happen. Not that it mattered as most of the audience was due to arrive at a later time. I myself tend to arrive too early at these kinds of events, so I think I will never get used to the typical attitude of the people in Brabant when it comes to beginning a concert on the time published.They just donít bother too much about it , I guess. Not more than half an hour later the first guitar strokes, fiddle notes, drum rolls, pushes and pulls on the accordeon were made. I fully enjoyed the turbulent performance of this young band all along the show. People were dancing from the very beginning. The thing which makes the band unique is the rythm section, consisting of a standing bass, guitar and drums playing with the brakes on. These 3 instruments and their players take care of a solid basis for the traditional main instruments, the accordeon and fiddle. The Michot brothers Andre and Louis played brilliantly, with Andre switching from accordeon to classic lapsteel from time to time. Louis, who plays the violin, has a voice which suits this type of music to a t and he reminded me very much of his uncle Bobby Michot. I found it striking that there were moments in the music without any solos or singing, but just rythmical playing. Swinging like a camel is our expression for that and that most likely covers it best, although I have no experience riding on a camelís back. The overall sound was great too, because the electronical equipment was used in a way which suited this music perfectly. I immensely enjoyed the show and the music is still going through my head every day.

Cajun with lap-steel is not bad at all.

No smoking area in café Noir ?

There wasn't talking at all during the gig.

Busy people on the stage making music.

The crowd was not big, but very satisfied.

Sam Murray played the tit fer.

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