2002: for the 10th year.....
a great festival!.

Zydeco is here to stay...

review and photo's: Willem Versloot


eeaaboiling apotheosis
with the Keith Frank band,
assisted by
Lisa Haley, Jo van Strien, and

Gary  &  Mary


on the photo:

Jennifer Frank
with  Gary Hayman en Mary Elms


Keith Frank
and Lisa Haley

Gavin Lewery,
this time in Z-Funk


watch them,  this is innovating stuff,
 superswinging, from English soil!


opening this page you listen to 
the Hackberry Ramblers 
with their opening song

It reminded me of the famous 
Cuban old men groups, 
not perfect ( understatement)  
but a lot of atmosphere!


"movie" (with  Real Player)



Elsebeth Krogh 
Les Cajuns du Nord,
a Scandinavian Cajun band

virtuoso and nice harmony singing


LisaLisa Haley with her Zydekats:

a great performance,  
as well musical, as lyrical, as theatrical



In the open air outside the tent:

(Vera, Gavin, Jock),

lovely weather, 
according to Gary Hayman un-Dutch!!!   

Keith Frank

(photo: Astrid en Cocky Bouwens)




bass player 
from the Zydekats 

(photo: Jos du Pont)



the House of Blues, 
an extra tent, with couleur locale from Louisiana,
unfortunately  too little  in use

(photo: Astrid en Cocky Bouwens)

Barbara Moore, 
our most faithful visitor from overseas!

(photo: Astrid en Cocky Bouwens)


webmaster willem 

(photo: Ron van Doorneveld)

great chief cajun cook
Hans de Boer

to be continued........