I am Ron van Doorneveld


I hope that, just like Willem,
I can convey some of my
enthusiasm about cajun & zydeco
through this site.


I came into contact with cajun via some LP's from the Balfa Brothers, Doug Kershaw and a collection LP
by Arhoolie that I had bought during the sixties.

At the same time I was a big fan of bluegrass and such musical styles.

As a matter of fact I was more attracted to that music than to Cajun, so one of my big wishes was to
learn how to play the 5-string banjo.

It took me some years before I finally decided to buy such an instrument at the beginning of the
seventies, but it was still years after that before I really began to practise on it.

Till roundabout 1996 I was playing acoustical country music in the band Country Stuff and after that in Except2.

At some time while I was playing in Except2 the father of the violin player gave us a cassette
with Steve Riley on it and I was completely overturned.

Now I realise that I have been deaf and domb to this music from Louisiana for almost 25 years.

After some wrestling on the piano-accordeon and a two-row button-box I found out that I really
needed a one-row button-box or a french-accordeon.

Since 2000 I have taken lessons from Wim Nagtegaal and I have been a member of the DownTown Cajun Band.

I also have come to know and appreciate Willem Versloot, spiritual father of this site.

Because Willem thought that the site was getting too much for him, I have taken over doing that work for him.

Willem Versloot,  
waiting for Cajun Jack. 


During the last couple of years I have also learnt about zydeco and I love to hear and dance on it,
but I prefer traditional cajun.




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