What and Where in  Louisiana...

In general  there are  2 different regions:

the Cajun Prairie: the triangle Lake Charles - Eunice - Lafayette, with
vast meadows and flown fields  (for rice and crawfish),

(swamp & crawfish)

and the Cajun Wetlands: between  Lafayette, Baton Rouge en Houma in the south: swamp area, partially "polders" with dikes (levee's), surrounded by vast swamps around the bayou's (rivers and creeks), belonging to the Atchafalaya basin ( = river with delta)

For Cajun fans there are several places  with interesting stuff :  

Mamou :    with the famous "Fred's Lounge", the souvereign of tante Sue , continuously conversating with the customers, alcoholics promoting by swaying her own bottle in the air!    Every saturday morning  live music, directly broadcasted on Radio KBon, by Paul Marx.

Tante Sue with Coos & Loes Mardi gras 2000

Eunice:  Eunice:  hometown of  cajunmusic, with his Hall of Fame, museum, Liberty Theater (concerten),  Marc Savoy's Centre ( music sessions on saturday morning; Marc Savoy builds and sells  accordeons), Radio KBon of Paul Marx,  ......

museum of Eunice

Donner, a beautiful Bayou village.

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