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 Bonsoir, Catin

High resolution photos of Bonsoir, Catin posted on Flickr.

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Pictured at the Blue Moon Saloon in downtown Lafayette are members of Bonsoir, Catin: Anya Schoenegge Burgess, Kristi Guillory, Yvette Landry, Christine  Balfa Powell.
For booking information, schedules, and much more, go to the band's official site. 

When a new group arrived on the scene called Bonsoir, Catin, the name itself attracted attention. When the members turned out to be top female Cajun musicians, the response was excitement and anticipation of their first performance late last summer. A headache and a serious error in judgment are to blame for missing that début, but fortunately the group returned to the Blue Moon Nov. 5, 2005.         


Among those on the dance floor: Ian Oliver, former information technology instructional coordinator at LSUE, then employed in Baton Rouge and, when this page was updated in December 2008, a second-year student in LSUE's nursing program.

Bonsoir, Catin features two top Cajun vocalists. Both Christine Balfa Powell on guitar and Kristi Guillory on accordion won the Cajun French Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year Le Cajun Award (Christine twice). Christine, the daughter of the late Dewey Balfa, is also the leader of Balfa Toujours. Krisiti, who learned Cajun music from legendary musicians like Octa Clark, Leroy Broussard and Aldus Roger, was a member of the band Reveille in the mid-nineties, then finished a graduate degree in folklore, sang with the a cappella group Veillée, and in 2005 returned to Cajun music full blast with the Lafayette Rhythm Devils. Yvette Landry on bass is another Rhythm Devil. Originally from Boston, Anya Schoenegge Burgess also plays fiddle with Louisiana's other female Cajun band, The Magnolia Sisters.

Nothing can beat the combination of musical talent and deep-rooted Cajun emotion that fills the dance hall when Bonsoir, Catin is on stage. The band is obviously having a great time playing, and the crowd at the Blue Moon late on a Louisiana Saturday night obviously felt the same way.


The area in front of the stage was filled with dancers. Elsewhere,
there was barely standing room only, but no one was complaining. The top
photo in this section exhibits the limitations of low light photography with a
Nikon D-100.

Members of Bonsoir, Catin were joined by Mary Jane
Broussard, far left, for a workshop on women in Cajun
and Creole music sponsored by Louisiana Folk Roots
at Festivals Acadiens Sept. 17, 2005, in Lafayette.

Bonsoir, Catin at the Liberty Theater November 19, 2005

Bonsoir, Catin is shown during their first performance at the Liberty Theater in Eunice November 19, 2005. In addition to the members pictured elsewhere on this page, Jude Veillon is shown on drums.

Posted 11-6-05; update 12-28-05

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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