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 Bonsoir, Catin
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The Catins in 2007

The Catins are shown during Archive Aid 4 at the Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, May 26, 2007. They were one of four bands performing at a benefit for the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The photos are another attempt at mostly available light shots. In the first seven shots, Kristi Guillory and the band are shown performing "Un autre soir ennuyant," a somewhat bluesy waltz that turned into an all-out, full-throttle blues, including a grainy shot (first thumbnail in second row) of Kristi and Christine Balfa Powell really getting down, both literally and figuratively. Christine is also shown singing "Les mémoires dans mon coeur." Also shown are Anya Burgess on fiddle, Yvette Landry on bass, and, in back, Jude Veillon on drums.



The Catins are shown below at the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival May 5, 2007. Christine Balfa Powell was headed to Chicago with Balfa Toujours that day. The guest Catin on guitar is Maegan Berard.


The Catins in 2006

Click on the thumbnails below for larger photos. The Catins are shown during Festivals Acadiens in Lafayette October 15, 2006. In the top left photo taken during their performance on the main stage, are, from left,  Anya Burgess, Kristi Guillory, Christine Balfa Powell, and Yvette Landry. Christine is shown in the far right photo when the Catins joined Sheryl Cormier on the Heritage Stage, which included a large photo visible behind her of Christine's father, the late Dewey Balfa (one of her late uncles, Will Bolfa, is also in the photo). Jude Veillon, the Catins' drummer, is shown in the third row. Kristi Guillory is shown in the adjacent photo during an accordion workshop sponsored by Louisiana Folk Roots. The bottom photo shows the Catins with Sheryl Cormier.





The first Blackpot Festival and Cookoff held at Acadian Village in Lafayette November 10 and 11, 2006, featured not only Cajun music but other roots music. Bonsoir, Catin performed late Saturday night. Click on thumbnails to view larger photos.




Bonsoir, Catin closed out the fall series of Downtown Alive! Friday evening performances Nov. 17, 2006, in Lafayette with more than two hours of hard-hitting Cajun music, including many numbers from their first CD. In addition to the band members, Richard Comeaux played steel guitar with the group, and Courtney Granger, Christine's second cousin, was another guest, offering his version of "Les veuves de la coulée." Click on thumbnails for larger images.



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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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