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Goldman Thibodeaux and
Calvin Carrière

Festival International and St. Ann's in Mallet, 2001

High res photos of Goldman Thibodeaux now on Flickr
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Goldman Thibodeaux on accordion and Calvin Carrière on fiddle performed Sunday afternoon, April 29, 2001, before a highly appreciative crowd in the Heritage Tent at Festival International de Louisiane in downtown Lafayette. Carrière is shown at left smiling while he played "Blue Runner," the famous song written by his uncle Bébé Carrière, whose funeral had been held the day before. (According to Bébé, the fiddling in the tune is as fast as a blue runner snake.) The picture of Thibodeaux immediately underneath was also taken in Lafayette.

The other pictures on this page were taken at the annual boucherie at St. Ann's Catholic Church in Mallet, just down the road from Goldman Thibodeaux's home on Highway 190. It was Saturday, May 5, 2001, the day that Boozoo Chavis died, and Mr. Goldman paid tribute to him, performing "Paper in My Shoe." He kept encouraging everyone to dance, offering his own version of "Allons Danser" with improvised additional lyrics.

It was a warm but pleasant spring day, beautiful weather to gather under a sycamore tree and listen to beautiful music played in the old Creole style at a community church that originated before the Civil War.

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The three bottom photos were taken at the Liberty Theater in September 2001.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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