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Jackie Caillier
and the Cajun Cousins

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The Cajun Cousins in 2003

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Anyone who has had a chance to listen to Allons Faire la Poussière Voler, the 2002 CD released by Jackie Caillier and The Cajun Cousins, will not be surprised by the nominations the group has received for the LeCajun Award presented by the Cajun French Music Association: Best Album, Best Vocalist (Ivy Dugas), best song ("Joue Pas avec le Coeur Qui T'Aime"), Best Accordionist (Jackie Caillier), Best Fiddler (Benny Mueller; plus guest fiddler Tony Thibodeaux is also nominated).

Really, any of the five original French songs written and sung by Ivy Dugas is worthy of a nomination. The song actually nominated, "Don't Play with the Heart That Loves You," describes the frustration of a man who knows the woman he loves toys with his affections, but he asks her to change, for he is only hard on her at times because he adores her. In "Les Étoiles Brillent Ce Soir," the singer tries to convince himself that he is through crying over the women who left him: the stars are shining tonight and it is no longer raining. In "Dans les Bons Vieux Jours," Ivy Dugas compares life in the past with life now and concludes that we don't have as much today as we had in earlier days. In "Rien de Nouveau," the singer responds to a call from a friend who is spending his life in prison, avoiding telling him that the woman the confined man loves has married and instead explaining that nothing new has happened. "Si Je Pourrais Faire Ça Que Je Faisais" describes a wish that we all have as we grow older. "Do Me" is a lively, upbeat song by Ivy Dugas in French and English.

In other cuts on the CD, Jackie Caillier sings "The Lonely Girls Waltz," steel guitarist Danny Cormier handles the vocals on "Paper in My Shoe" and "Pine Grove Blues," and Benny Mueller is the vocalist on "A Lonesome Night" and "BO Sparkle Waltz" (along with Ivy Dugas), recorded live at "La Poussière" in Breaux Bridge with the name of that club inserted in the lyrics. The Cajun Cousins fans shout "Ohhhh," as has become the tradition when the band performs this song.  Drummer Keith Richard  sings Camey Doucet's "Mom I'm Still Your Little Boy." Ivy Dugas sings "Le Chemin de la Vie," "'Tit Yeuxs Noirs," and probably the most clearly enunciated version of "Step It Fast" ever recorded (a blessing for those of us whose ear for French needs more work). The CD concludes with "The Wandering Aces Special," an instrumental.

In short, the Cajun Cousins have produced another great CD.   The dust may be flying at "La Poussière," but come mid-August, it's a good bet that a flock of CFMA awards may be landing in the arms of the Cajun Cousins.

The CD was produced by Lanor Records of Jennings.

For bookings, call Jackie Caillier, 409-883-6525.

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Shown performing in early February 2003 at the Liberty Theater are Danny Cormier, Tony Thibodeaux, Benny Mueller, Keith Richard, Jackie Caillier, and Ivy Dugas.


The photos in this section of the page were taken during a performance in the summer of 2002 at the Liberty Theater.

Shown are Jackie Caillier on accordion, Ivy Dugas on guitar and vocals, and Benny Mueller on fiddle and vocals. The entire band is shown at the bottom of the page, joined by fiddler Tony Thibodeaux.

What is host Barry Ancelet doing in the photo shown below? While Ivy Dugas was singing the lyrics in "The Gravel Road" about the wind mussing his hair and making it seem as if in the distance he saw his grandmother rocking as she used to do, Barry Ancelet helpfully supplied the "coup de vent."

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All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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