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Rosie Ledet 2001

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The photographs on this page were all taken during the 19th annual Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival in Plaisance September 1, 2001.   It had rained heavily the night before, and the weather remained threatening throughout most of the day, but, by the time Rosie Ledet hit the stage in the late afternoon, the sun was beginning to shine through the clouds.

After dancing in the mud all day long, the crowd wanted to hear Rosie's two most  provocative songs, "I'm Going to Take Care of Your Dog" and,"Eat My Dust," and she obliged at the end of the set.

But she also sang songs from her excellent 2001 CD, Show Me Something, released by Maison de Soul.  And she sang "Big Brother" from her 2000 CD It's a Groove Thing. Describing  joyous, loving memories of her brother when they were children, the song now serves as a poignant tribute to his memory after he was killed in a car accident only a few weeks before the Plaisance festival.

Show Me Something contains eleven original songs by Rosie Ledet, plus her rendition of the Patti LaBelle hit, "Lady Marmalade." The music on the CD blends zydeco with contemporary blues and jazz.

The CD features Morris Ledet on bass, Cory Ledet on drums, and Kent August on rhythm and lead guitar, plus several guest musicians.

The title song is another example of Rosie's ability to write contemporary zydeco music that gets everyone dancing, but her musical range is much broader. In "Zydeco for a Living: Living the Blues," she reflects on her experiences as a touring musician on the road most of the time.

In "Open Invitation," she offers more highly sensual lyrics, but then she changes to a lighter romantic mood with "Hello Baby."

The blues currents running through a number of songs have helped to widen the audience for the CD beyond zydeco fans. During fall 2001, the CD moved into the top 25 rankings on lists of blues albums, receiving airplay on a number of stations across the country. But Ledet's leading role in zydeco remains secure. In late September 2001, she received the Female Vocalist of the Year Award from CREOLE, Inc., in Lafayette.

Rosie Ledet appeared on the cover of the September 2001 issue of offBEAT magazine, published in New Orleans. The accompanying story by Herman Fuselier includes details about Rosie's life and her aspirations, as well as more information about her 2001 CD.

For more information about Rosie Ledet, contact Morris Ledet, (337) 779-2102, or Piedmont Talent, (704) 399-2210.

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All of the photographs on this page were taken during the 2001 Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival in Plaisance, Louisiana. In addition to Rosie Ledet, her husband, Morris Ledet, is shown in the left column.

All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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