2000 Eunice Cajun Prairie Folklife Festival
Late Afternoon and Evening

As the evening approached, the crowd got even larger. For the first time, the live Saturday evening radio program that is normally broadcast from inside the Liberty Theater was broadcast outside from the main stage, where the Jambalaya Cajun Band performed. After the broadcast, Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys came on stage to close out the evening with another great performance.

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Terry Huval, on of the top fiddle players and vocalists in Cajun music, is the leader of Jambalaya.

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In mid-afternoon, the a cappella group Veillee performed the kind of songs that Cajun families would sing in the evenings. Shown from left are Horace Trahan (fresh from his performance of zydeco music), the Mamou Playboy's David Greely, Marce Lacouture, and Kristi Guillory.

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Reggie Matte, Jambalaya's excellent accordionist, also does a great job on vocals.

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David Greely of the Mamou Playboys is shown immediately above while singing his song "Katherine." Steve Riley is shown at left. The Mamou Playboys always draw a large crowd whenever they play in cities and towns across Southwest Louisiana.

The bottom shot on this page shows street dancing at dusk during the live radio performance by Jambalaya.

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