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Liberty Theater:      
March 24, 2007


Click on thumbnails to access larger photos of, from left, Kristi Guillory, Anya Burgess,
Christine Balfa Powell, and Yvette Landry.

Click on thumbnails to access larger photos
of Hubert Maitre and Nonc Ray Guidry.

Shown are Nonc Ray Guidry, Horace Trahan,
Rachel Wilson (on drums), Hubert Maitre,
and Brett Denais.

Dr. Barry Ancelet interacts with the audience
while the NBC videographer shoots
some footage. The other photo shows members
of the audience dancing to the music
of Bonsoir, Catin.


Click here to see the Today Show segment on YouTube.

The Rendez-vous des Cajuns Radio Show at the Liberty Theater was featured in a segment on the NBC Today Show Sunday, May 27, 2007, The segment  included interviews with former Eunice Mayor Curtis Joubert, who was instrumental in establishing the radio show, and with Marc and Ann Savoy, who were also key figures in restoring the Liberty, with Ann handling programming for the show.

The Liberty segment was filmed March 24, 2007, when the bands were Bonsoir, Catin and Horace Trahan, Hubert Maitre and Friends.

Members of Bonsoir, Catin shown in the top photo are Anya Burgess, Kristi Guillory, Christine Balfa Powell, and Yvette Landry.

For more information, go to the band's official web site. LSUE also has more photos of the band.

Horace Trahan is shown at left. Horace first came to the attention of Cajun music lovers when, having gotten word of the young musician's talent, host Dr. Barry Ancelet asked Horace to come up from the Liberty Theater audience to play on the stage. Horace's performance of the Iry LeJeune classic song "Viens me chercher" left many in tears. Since then Horace has released popular CDs of both Cajun and Zydeco music.

Hubert Maitre is a veteran Cajun musician whose performance of "La Vieille Chaudière Noir"  ("The Old Black Pot," written by Camey Doucet) became an instant Cajun classic, nominated by the Cajun French Music Association as Song of the Year in 2001.

The Official City of Eunice web site has schedules listing the bands and performers who have been booked to appear at the Liberty. 

Click here for photos of the 900th show and the 1,000th show.



Posted 5-23-07
All photographs and text by David Simpson.

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