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Cajun radio uit Brabant

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A dream ! His new Cd is beautiful and every song tells a story,

The Music Factory in New Orleans
Every record store should look like this one !

Emile had made a lot of photos from Cajuns in Louisiana
Emile is a Dutch photographer and

he's playing Tit' fer in Cajun Comfort
From friday 8 september 2006 there's an
exposition of photos made by Emile.
'Cajun Musicians at Home, 1982-2001'
at the Acadiana Centre for the Arts at Lafayette!

A lot of praise for the work of Emile Waagenaar
All the photos from the exposition above
are taken up into the collection
The Smithsonian Institution

Website Emile with Cajun musician pictures

Just a picture from France with Bobby Michot, Will and Netty Pieters and
a guitarist playing in a bar at 25 july 2008.

on this site, meant to promote
music and culture  in Holland...........
Cajun and zydeco music,  you should enjoy LIVE
It's dansemusic in the first place,  and often you see a 
"chemical  reaction" between musicians and audience.

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