La Bande Feufollet

La Bande Feufollet is composed of students who are fluent in French and who also are wonderfully talented musicians. Pictured in the top photograph, in front from left to right, are Brittany Polaski, Christopher Stafford, Chris Segura, and Ashley Hayes. Josh Hebert and Michael Stafford play drums for the group. Craig Guillory played bass guitar with the group. The individual pictures below show Ashley Hayes, guitar and vocals, and Brittany Polaski, triangle and vocals, and beneath them, Christopher Stafford, fiddle, accordion and vocals, and Chris Segura, fiddle. This is a very professional group of young musicians who have a great sound playing traditional Cajun music as well as some new songs they write themselves. "La Bande," incidentally, refers not to a musical group (which is "le band") but to any group that bands together. "Feufollet"  is  a will-o'-the-wisp, the crazy-looking ball of fire that can be produced by marsh gases.

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These pages provided courtesy of Louisiana State University at Eunice. All photos  taken by LSUE.