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Report from Bristol 2009
Report from Saulieu 2009
Report from Challes Les Eaux 2009
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2009
Report from Saulieu 2008
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2008
Report from Baasem 2007
Lost Bayou Ramblers in Breda
Report from Saulieu 2007
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2007
Report from Saulieu 2006
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2006
Report from Saulieu 2005
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2005
About the Downtown Cajun Band from New Folk Sounds by Ron Jansen
Verslag van Raamsdonksveer 2004 (foto's)
Gavin Lewery and Z-Funk by Ron Jansen
A Dutch book about Cajun & Zydeco.
Award for the Cajun Company in Louisiana
Report from Pean (Friesland) in 2003
Report from Saulieu 2003
Report from Raamsdonksveer 2003 Gary Hayman
Foto report from Raamsdonksveer 2003 Gary Hayman
Interview by Ron Janssen and movie byWillem Versloot with Chris Ardoin
Movie: The Inlaw Sisters met Vera,Jock en Gavin/La Valse de Bayou Lafourche
Movie: Amede 2 step door Des Fais DoDo en de Cajun Lioneers (R'veer 2003)
Impression Raamsdonksveer 2003
Peter Mul van Check Out The Zydeco in Louisiana

the Hackberry Ramblers, C & Z Festival Raamsdonksveer 2002
(movie, REAL player, download from

Impression Saulieu 2002
Verslag van Raamsdonksveer 2002
A new Dutch Cajun Band: The Cajun Crackerslisten to: T'en as eu  (demo)
Interview  with Sean Vidrine by Ron Janssen
Sean Vidrine playin on the terras of De Witte Leeuw (film Real Player)
Keith Frank playin on the festival Raamsdonksveer 2002 (film Real Player)
Article of Ron Janssen about Boozoo Chavis, (passed 5 may 2001)
Interview with Gavin Lewery, during the C-Z Festival 2002 at Raamsdonksveer, by Ron Janssen
Interview  with Bas van de Poll /Cajun Company by Ron Janssen
The first gig of Cajun Comfort at Nuenen, 20 oktober 2002
Practise with Wim Nagtegaal  on the 10-button-box
Article from the internet about Cajun History
Jamsessions at Jos. Jamsessions and festivalmovies in  Jos du Pont's Music Barn, 7 september 2002 
Report van Saulieu 2001
Interview with Wim Nagtegaal  about his Gabbanelli zydeco accordeon by Ron Janssen.